Saturday, November 24, 2012

Small Business Saturday... almost over! Where did you shop? I bought a bunch of (secret gifty) things from OrangeThyme, most of which are gifts for the parents and the husband. I'm also shopping from Innocent+Twisted Alchemy on Tuesday, for the release of the new Battle Royale-inspired collection. Lastly, I purchased a few things from Haus of Gloi. Meanwhile, here's a list of a few indie/small-businesses that offer great products at a great price:

Epically Epic Soap Company
One Hand Washes The Other
Detrivore Cosmetics
Femme Fatale Cosmetics
Fyrinnae Cosmetics
Innocent+Twisted Alchemy
Black Rose Minerals
Shiro Cosmetics
Haunt Bath and Body
Haus of Gloi
Darling Clandestine

Each of these companies makes great products and offers friendly, prompt customer service. 1 out of 1 RNs agree!

*as always, all products purchased by me, for me*

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


No, it's not Friday yet. But it is the day before Thanksgiving! And I will be posting a review of indie chocolates on Friday! Happy Thanksgiving, err'body!