Thursday, May 31, 2012

All The Sexy Things. ALL OF THEM.

So. Today was non-make up shopping day. OK, there *may* be a few Dawn Eyes Cosmetics in the photo, but...mostly lingerie. One thing I have learned after 30-some odd years on this Earth: bras are not where you want to skimp on money. No sirree. Which means that, due to a combination of having large boobs and expensive tastes, I shop once or twice a year, when Nordstrom has a sale.

I've learned that a few brands are go-to's for me, and today was no exception. Freya, Chantelle, Panache, and Le Mystere all make gorgeous, non-dowdy large-cup bras (thank god for that...), and today was an embarrassment of riches. In addition to the two push-ups in the pics, there *may* be a mint-and-white polka dot push-up bra in the mail... I will say that it is worth the time and effort to get fitted at Nordstrom. The fitting is free, and it is FAR more accurate than a Victoria's Secret fitting. My actual bra size was WAAAAY off from what I'd been wearing. Embarrassingly off. Like, 40D to 38E/F off. The difference in comfort levels since I've started wearing the correct size is remarkable.

In addition to the bra and cosmetics, I picked up cologne. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb. Yes, it's a men's fragrance. Yes, it's for me. It is spicy heaven! I don't buy mainstream perfume often, but this was love at first smell. It is spicy, with cardamom and cinnamon the most obvious top notes, then it mellows with leather and tobacco. It is a seriously sexy smell. (I will be hiding this one from my husband.)

Lastly, the cosmetics. Oh, Dawn Eyes, how I love you. I've ordered from Dawn Eyes twice, and each time my order shipped within 3-4 days of my order. That is some fast service! The eye shadows are gorgeous and pigmented, and, most importantly, complex. Three of these are from her Winnie the Pooh collection, all of which are duochromes with more sheen than sparkle. The other four are soon-to-be retired colors, two of which are also duochromes. I've yet to be disappointed by Dawn Eyes, and would highly recommend them to anyone who likes beautiful things.

All in all, not a bad shopping day. <3

***edited to remove picture***

 ***everything mentioned here was purchased by me, all opinions are my own, I do not review anything for compensation***

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Things That Are Awesome, Pt. 2...

...or another post in which I describe more things that are awesome on my face.

Being an indie-shopper, most of my purchases will be from indie/small business. I don't need to go into the whys and wherefores, but I will: small businesses need support, and are awesome. Just sayin'. So here is my list of places I shop from, and what I buy:

1. One Hand Washes The Other: I can't recommend this shop highly enough. Fragrance and bath/body products. So. Good. Holy grail product alert*: Black Magic soap. My skin is suddenly even, with no dry patches, which was not the case prior to Black Magic. Also the many perfumes. My favorites: Festivus, Coven, Burning Times, Oceanside, Frankincense and Mirth. Just perfect. Add top-notch customer service, and it is WIN.

2. Darling Clandestine: Another indie fragrance shop, run by a lovely woman, who makes some amazing, OOAK scents. Soft, long-lasting solids and amazing oils. My favorites: Falchion, ...Kelah, Inked. Inked smells like your skin, if you were made of magic. *cramazing*

3. Sweet Anthem: Yet another indie fragrance shop, located on Etsy and in my neighborhood. Reasonable prices and complex smells, and her brick and mortar shop sells other small/independent perfumers. My favorites: Elliott and Rebecca. Both spicy, both deep. Elliott smells like pine, musk, and sex. Good sex. Sexy sex.

Honorable mention: The Morbid The Merrier. Unfortunately, no longer in business, but decants and bottles are available through various websites. If you get the chance, pick something up. Anything. Because they were all keepers.

There are many reasons to "support indie," but the best reason is simply that the product you purchase works for you, and you like it. Each of these businesses offer stellar customer service and unique products.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things That Are Awesome, Pt. 1

Or, a post in which I list places I buy from. Part 1 - the Make-Up

- Black Rose Minerals
-- gorgeous colors, duochromes, a lovely formula, and now blush! BLUSH! Highly recommended.

- Darling Girl Cosmetics
-- eyeshadow, blush, and lipsticks/glosses! All gorgeous, plus a 16 Candles eyeshadow collection, which may or may not have been my brainchild...

- Fyrinnae Cosmetics
-- CAN. NOT. RAVE. ENOUGH. Buy Damn Paladins. And everything else. And Pixie Epoxy.

- Morgana Cryptoria
-- some of the best lipsticks/glosses ever made, and lovely, underrated eyeshadows

- Shiro Cosmetics
-- again, underrated. Gorgeous colors, and superb lip products. Three Wolf Moon. Buy it.

- Madd Style Cosmetics
-- glitter bombs! Amazing glitter bombs!

- Sobe Botanicals
-- Sweet 'N' Sour may be the best eyeshadow by anyone, ever. And the lipsticks are to die.

This is just a start, but each of these companies makes beautiful, unique products backed with excellent customer service. I can't <3 each of them enough! 

The Soctopus has spoken.

What's Wrong With You, Indie?

The Soctopus is angry. ANGRY! My favorite playground, indie make-up, is overrun with bullies lately. Make-up should be a lovely, sparkley, happy thing. Make-up should soothe and comfort. Make-up should bring joy and beauty. Make-up should NOT make you want to throw things around in a rage.

Right now, there are a few indie make-up sellers giving a bad name to the entire indie make-up community. This world is small, insular, and everyone knows/knows of everyone else. So there isn't a lot of room to fuck-up without the entire community knowing/hearing about it. The main issue most customers have with any company is poor customer service. It is no different in the indie make-up community, but it's much smaller, so CS concerns tend to make the rounds and reverberate, particularly when they are handled badly.

Today's issue lies with two companies, both of which have faulty or defective products, both of which have handled concerns about their products the wrong way. The first company has out and out lied to customers about the product in question, and recently has taken to banning customers from the company fan page, deleting unfavorable comments. This particular situation has gone beyond bad CS and become very ugly due to a rift between some of the people bringing to light issues with the product and the company owner. Company "A" has decided that any issue with the product in question is clearly either: (1) a malicious lie created by jealous "haters," or (2) "you're doin it wrongz!"

Company "B" recently had a customer publish pictures of a moldy lipstick, with clear growth all over the surface. When shown the pictures, the company owner responded that the lipstick was contaminated by the wearer, it *must* have been her fault, and also, vegan/organic don't need/use preservatives, so it was clearly past its shelf life. While they did offer the customer a refund, they also made a point of deflecting blame, essentially claiming "operator error." It's a lipstick. You put it on your lips. Not much room for error, is there?

Both Company "A" and Company "B" have had customers bring to light defective/faulty product issues. Both companies have chosen to blame the customer, rather than address the issues with the products. This attitude reflects poorly on ALL indie companies, unfortunately, and creates a culture of mistrust and fear, prompting people to stay away from indie make-up. Which is a damn shame, because the vast majority of indie formulators are talented, creative, honest men and women with excellent customer service.

How could these issues have been resolved? A simple "I'm sorry, let me look into the issue" would have been an excellent start.