Saturday, July 12, 2014

Photo Album: Tentacles Up!

Snapshots from the last year:
 Good times and ice cream with friends.

 Dressed for summer, ready to roll.

 4th of July with a furry friend.

 Buckley the elk.

 Birthday tide pooling.

Once again, stupid-long hair and a happy smile.

Uniform for the rest of the summer.

A Year Of Living Dangerously...

...not really. This is me now:
One year post-divorce. Several pounds lighter, with a much lighter heart and quite a few more tattoos. The Soctopus has done a lot of new things this year, and met a lot of new people. Most good people, a few bad, several quite odd. Dating has been a strange and enlightening experience, one that still continues. Internet dating: bad. Dating in general: often humerous, occasionally fun, sometimes heartbreaking. However, I still have a whole heart and a spring in my step.

I went on a date with a man wearing an Affliction t-shirt and embroidered jeans (true story). Hard not to hide my face in shame on that one...

I went on a date with a married man. (Also a true story. Not a happy one.)

I got stood up, and I stood up a few people.

Somehow, through it all, I kept learning and growing. Things I've learned: it's OK to be by myself. It's OK to say goodbye to unhealthy people and do right for yourself. Try new things. Say yes to unexpected adventures. Live a full life and never apologize for being yourself. Last but not least, I learned to say goodbye to the past.

One year of growth and change, one year of learning to live happily. One year of learning the new, true me. I like this me. I think I'll keep her.