Thursday, February 7, 2013

Nailed It!

First, let me apologize for the terrible pun. I couldn't help myself. But, yes - you guessed right! This is, indeed, the first nail polish post on the Soctopus' blog, and it's an indie polish post, at that! It's time to review Daily Lacquer, an indie polish brand that is local to me, based here in Seattle.

Daily Lacquer sells via an Etsy site or her website, The website design is one of the best I've seen, particularly for an indie nail polish site. The site listings are clean, the photos are clear and accurate, and the little touches are perfect. (When you add an item to your cart, a small window pops up to tell you "Thank you, Sweetie!" Perfect!) The three polishes I purchased are all from the Moulin Rouge collection.

The polishes, clockwise from the top right, are: The Green Fairy, Satine, Come What May, and unnamed GWP. The Green Fairy is perfect, a light chartreuse with shimmer, loaded with gold glitter. What isn't immediately visible is that the gold glitter is holographic. Yes, that's right - holographic gold glitter. Shazaam! Come What May is a grey creme polish loaded with hot pink holo-glitter, hot pink matte glitter, and hot pink hearts. It is much more vibrant in person - the hot pink glitter practically glows in the bottle. The GWP is unnamed but very unusual. If anyone has seen the indie nail polish called Floam (by NailVenturous), well, this is the same idea, but the micro-glitter is navy blue and hot pink. I can't wait to try it out!

However, I've saved the best for last. Satine! Satine is a dark black-based holographic polish filled with holographic micro-glitter and holographic diamond glitter. It. Is. Stunning. The large diamond glitter is suspended in the holo-base perfectly, and it is opaque in two coats. It dried quickly and the glitter was spaced well. The only downside to this polish is that, like most glitter polishes, it eats top coats. The picture below shows two coats of Satine with three coats of Rock Hard top coat and one thick coat of Sally Hanson In A Second top coat. It needed all four coats. But it is mesmerizing to look at. The large diamonds flash different colors at different angles, and this one is clearly, obviously holographic even in low light. It is the best holographic polish I've ever seen, bar none.

So, you ask, "hey, Soctopus - would you buy from Daily Lacquer again?" to which the Soctopus replies, "hell yes!" Go get some polish from the Daily Lacquer. It retails for $9, and the bottles are just lovely little pieces of vintage-style art. But go now, because the Moulin Rouge collection is almost sold out!

*all polishes purchased by me, without compensation, except GWP*

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