Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So, This Happened. Again.

The Drawing: "Epic Battle To The Death - With Titties"

Stage 1: Outline.

Stage 2: Shading.
So. The Soctopus *might* have a few tattoos. Or a few more tattoos. Remember all those years the Soctopus said she wanted a full back piece? Yeah, well...it's happening. Stage 1, aka 6 hours of nothing but a liner and some whiskey, was earlier this year. Let me tell you, 6 hours of just a liner needle is not fun. At all. Stage 2, aka "I can so do this, shading is easy!", happened two weeks ago. Next is color, and then the last session: background (water and tiny sharks). So I've said for years that when my back is done, I'm done with tattoos. Yeah...Not so much now. Next up is a coverup of terrible swallow that is terrible, which will become giant octopus that is giant and awesome. That'll be R hip, R butt cheek, R leg. Go big or leave the tentacles to someone else. After the octopod, half sleeves are next. One sea creature half sleeve, one candy/cake/ice cream half sleeve. Help. I've fallen into tattoo needles and I can't get up.

Oh yeah, and these little guys - a heart on the back of each arm. Whoops.

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