Sunday, May 20, 2012

Things That Are Awesome, Pt. 1

Or, a post in which I list places I buy from. Part 1 - the Make-Up

- Black Rose Minerals
-- gorgeous colors, duochromes, a lovely formula, and now blush! BLUSH! Highly recommended.

- Darling Girl Cosmetics
-- eyeshadow, blush, and lipsticks/glosses! All gorgeous, plus a 16 Candles eyeshadow collection, which may or may not have been my brainchild...

- Fyrinnae Cosmetics
-- CAN. NOT. RAVE. ENOUGH. Buy Damn Paladins. And everything else. And Pixie Epoxy.

- Morgana Cryptoria
-- some of the best lipsticks/glosses ever made, and lovely, underrated eyeshadows

- Shiro Cosmetics
-- again, underrated. Gorgeous colors, and superb lip products. Three Wolf Moon. Buy it.

- Madd Style Cosmetics
-- glitter bombs! Amazing glitter bombs!

- Sobe Botanicals
-- Sweet 'N' Sour may be the best eyeshadow by anyone, ever. And the lipsticks are to die.

This is just a start, but each of these companies makes beautiful, unique products backed with excellent customer service. I can't <3 each of them enough! 

The Soctopus has spoken.

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