Friday, June 15, 2012

One Hand Washes The Other...Hand. Or Something.

Whelp, I finally got my (two) cameras working, which means the time has come: the time to share my One Hand Washes The Other (heretofore known as OHWTO) review. Full disclosure: this post has some pictures. Even more disclosure: I <3 OHWTO. With that said, let us begin...

The reason you may have heard of OHWTO: Black Magic soap. Black Magic is exactly that - *magic*. It is a combination of "a unique blend of traditional essential oils and botanical ingredients combined with modern cleansing technology," if I may quote the magician who created this magical soap. Black Magic is a dark, grey/black color, with a noticeable botanical smell. I find the smell pleasant, and have been know to open the jar of soap while I bathe, just to have the smell in the air around me. The soap itself is creamy, requiring a dollop about the size of a dime to lather my face and neck. It rinses cleanly and leaves no residue. But, most important of all is what the soap does to your skin (well, MY skin, but still...still...). When I started using Black Magic soap, I had dry, flaky patches on either cheek and in the middle of my forehead. Foundation and powder both magnified the patchiness, and I was at my wit's end, having tried eleventy-million different soap/moisturizer combinations, to no avail. When I finally tried Black Magic soap, it was with little hope of any change. Lemme tell you - my dry patches were gone after (no joke) one use of Black Magic. ONE. Needless to say, I'm somewhat of a zealot about this product. I now use both the cream soap and the scrub (also cramazing), as well as a tiny travel bar that a friend gifted me. I will never use another soap, and you can take my Black Magic away from me when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. (Even then, good luck!)

In addition to Black Magic soap, OHWTO also makes an oil spray called Snake Oil (or Snayk Oyl). This oil is soft, light-weight, and just sinks into your skin, especially when used after the bath, on damp skin. I haven't used it on my hair, since I have thick hair that is prone to oiliness, but I've heard it's a lovely conditioner/detangler. The oil can also be scented, as you'll notice mine is. Which brings me to the next amazing product(s): the perfumes.

OHWTO makes some of the most amazing, unique perfumes I've ever had the good fortune of wearing. (I'm wearing one right now: Oakmoss & Sandalwood.) As you can see, I own quite a few of these scents, both in solid and oil forms. The oils are, from L to R, clockwise: Festivus, Burning Times, Hivemind, Coven, and Be Mine. Of these, Festivus is a limited-edition scent from the Winter collection, while Burning Times and Coven are LE Halloween scents. Be Mine is a Valentine's Day LE scent, while Hivemind is available year-round. The solid scents are as follows: L row: Be Mine, Waes Hail, Frankincense and Mirth, Dude, Festivus, I Smell Like A Witch, and Aravine; R row: The Cake Is A Lie, Oakmoss & Sandalwood, Oceanside, Anael, Watch You Disappear, Violette, and Exhume. Whew. That's *alot* of fragrance. Before you ask, no, I don't have a favorite. Although I do have periodic obsessions, like my current obsession with Hivemind. What's that? What do they smell like, you ask? Well, let me describe a few for you!

Hivemind is described as "The scent of a thousand apiaries in Spring, all the inhabitants functioning with a singular focus. Creamed honey, laced with a buttery vanilla, its sticky sweetness tempered by white musk and a touch of dark patchouli." This is pretty accurate. Hivemind is a visceral fragrance, heavy and sweet, with an undertone of dark, sticky musk. This fragrance is carnal, like the scent of sex in the summer. If anyone reading this remembers MAC Africanimal, this is its long-lost, less inhibited older sister. Sticky, sweet, and oh so dark.

Burning Times is spicy. SPICY! The first two scents to hit you out of the bottle are cinnamon and smoke. On the skin, it dries down to a warmer, spicy blend, with the smoke fading into the background (but never gone). Burning Times smells like a dance by firelight, with a gypsy caravan parked just out of reach of the fire. Exotic and rare, but with an underlying danger. If it returns this Halloween, it is a must-buy. 

Those are my two current favorites, although you can no doubt tell by my back-ups that Festivus and Be Mine are also worn frequently. But there is not a bad scent in the bunch. Blended to perfection, no single note stands out or jars the senses. OHWTO has succeeded in leading me out of my fragrance cave (spicy/woody/oriental) to try new things. Several of these fragrances are nothing that I would have bought, or thought I'd like, based on the scent descriptions, but OHWTO has such a steady hand in blending that I trust I will like every scent I try. So far, so good. 

I cannot recommend OHWTO highly enough. Fabulous skincare, combined with a top-notch selection of fragrances. There is literally something for everyone, male and female, at this site. If you purchase one product, make it Black Magic soap, in any of its forms. You won't be sorry.

***everything mentioned here was purchased by me, all opinions are my own, I do not review anything for compensation***


  1. Absolutely. I am DYING for Halloween 2012 to be released...

  2. I am completely f*cked when Halloween rolls around. It's going to be almost comical, watching my bank balance roll backwards.