Monday, June 4, 2012

Darling Clandestine-ly In Love

Today, I will be reviewing Darling Clandestine, a perfume shop run by the lovely Evonne. (Click the shop name for the link...CLICK IT.) I received Cloudswing solid perfume and a scent to be released soon, Harpy. Darling Clandestine sells both solid scents and perfume oils, and her solid scents are a generous 0.5 oz in a lovely tin, each scent with its own signature picture. The solid scents retail for between $9-10, while oils retail for between $12-17. Turn-around time is quick - each time I've ordered, I've had the scents in my hands within 1-1.5 weeks, which is more than quick enough. OK, enough boring details! Now for the goods: the scents!

Cloudswing is described as "a bright, crisp, golden-green scent with notes of warm hay and vanilla and mowed clover and marigolds and intense lemongrass." I find the lemongrass and hay to be the most intense scents when smelled from the tin, but on the skin, the lemongrass and vanilla really move to the forefront, with the lemongrass taking the lead. However, it isn't overwhelming, and you won't smell like Thai food. Cloudswing is a lovely, bright, green fragrance. It isn't a "type" of fragrance I would have gravitated towards, but, like many of Darling Clandestine's scents, it is quickly becoming a favorite.

Harpy isn't for sale yet, though I'm told it will be for sale in a matter of weeks. Harpy...Harpy is a combination of coconut, lime, salt, and other scents. It is tropical, but dark, all at the same time. It has an absolutely lovely dry-down, and it mellows into a gorgeous, sandy, beach scent. It smells like margaritas at night, and an ocean breeze on a rainy day. I love it!

I also own several other Darling Clandestine scents: Falchion (sexy sex in a sexy tin), Mortardeille Kelah (creamy strawberry sex), Maudlin & Bedlam, Carny Wedding, Big Top Train, Inked (subtle, musky sex on the skin), Summer's Cauldron, Mad As Birds (minty, bright, lovely), and Circassian (coffee sex). So, yeah. I recommend Darling Clandestine fragrances. You'll smell unique, and lovely, and trust me, people will ask you, "what's that amazing scent you're wearing?" They'll ask you that A LOT.

 ***everything mentioned here was purchased by me or provided as a gift, all opinions are my own, I do not review anything for compensation***

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