Monday, December 9, 2013

The Soctopus Has 8 Arms For Bloggin'

Oh, HAI, interwebs! It's been awhile! The 'Pus just thought she'd drop by and catch you all up. What's happenin', internet peeps?

Where to begin...well, the Soctopus is doing pretty damn good for herself these days. Lean and mean, and back in business.
Heart-whole, and as snarky as ever. Possibly snarkier. Definitely. OK, I'm snarkier. I moved to my favorite neighborhood and am now a die-hard Ballard Soctopus. The 'Pus has also dipped her tentacles back in the dating pool. You all know what that means - SO MANY EPIC TALES OF SHENANIGANS. So, you know - stay tuned. Because that's definitely coming.

New friends have joined the old, and every single person makes me happy. No drama, no fuss, just a whole lot of fun and love. Mind you, it's not all wine and roses and tentacles. The Soctopus still makes hard decisions, but the difference is that there is peace in those choices. Maturity - it's a thing. So I'll end this quick welcome-back post with a happy thought: growing up is actually quite fun. I quite like the Soctopus I've become.

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